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    Haike chemical

    Professional focus to create a better future

    Shandong Haike Chemical Company is established in 1988 and located in Shandong Donying Chemical Industry Park.
    The original name is Shandong Dongying Petroleum Chemical Factory with modified its structure and named by Dongying Haike Chemical Co., Ltd.in September of 2000.
    It is renamed to Dongying Haike Chemical Group Co. Ltd.in November of 2004 and Shandong Haike Chemical Co., Ltd. in March of 2020.
    The total investment shall be 320 Million RMB and the revenue was 11.14 billion RMB.

    Registered Capital


    Million yuan

    Gross Industrial


    Billion yuan

    Haike chemical

    Road to transformation

    Haike Chemical follows the policy of shift in driving forces for development involving the integrated refining industry. Under the further marketing analysis, global net zero, carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutrality, Haike Chemical will erect 500kty bio-aviation fuel and utilities unit. The total investment of this project will be 1.2 billion RMB and covers almost 130000 square meters including raw material preparation section and anti-exploration control room, which upgrades reaction section, fractionation system, hydrogen unit and utilities. This project is complied with the policy of carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutrality and using of renewable resources, which has been listed in the encouraged projects and key project in 2023 by Shandon province.

    The raw material of bio-aviation project is sourced from waste cooking oil and acid oil. It will be the first-class raw material pre-treatment process and second-generation hydrogen technology to produce HVO, SAF and other advanced biomass fuel. The product is applied to aviation field and transportation with the standard of lobal Sustainable Aviation Fuel by European Union and International Aviation Organization.

    Haike innovation growth company

    The company in 2006 through the national safety standard two enterprises "in September 2009 through the audit inspection, quality / environment / occupation health and safety management system certification, and has become the Chinese petrochemical enterprise 100, China's top 500 enterprises, has won the national" health cup "contest winning enterprises, advanced enterprises, production safety in Shandong province the basic work of Shandong province occupation health" four project "advanced units, Shandong province environmental protection advanced enterprises in Shandong Province, excellent enterprise quality management, production safety in Dongying city advanced enterprises honorary title, and in September 9, 2014 the World Economic Forum (Davos Forum), named" Global Growth Companies".

    "With the wide sea diving, the days of high Niaofei", this is all Haike never cease to expand the dream portrayal, we always believe in every hope of tomorrow and will write a splendid movement.